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Where to Stay on Bohol Island near the Loboc River

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Where to stay on Bohol island. The main reason why people travel to the Philippines is to see its white sandy beaches and swim and dive in the crystal-clear waters of the sea. However, few travelers make plans for staying the night by the river located in a jungle which covers the central part of the island.

If you’re planning to visit Panglao Island or see the main attractions on Bohol Island, we recommend you set aside 2-3 days to explore the latter’s beautiful river and wild natural environments.

How to reach Loboc river and Loboc town

Usually, we are recommending to travelers stay for a few nights on Panglao Island (nearby Bohol Island), exploring its surroundings, diving with white sharks. After visiting Panglao we are suggesting to spend a few nights on Bohol Island, near the Loboc River, for exploring the natural beauty of nature. There are several ways to get there:

To take (rent) a car or van with driver for a full-day tour of Bohol Island. After a full day of tours, ask the driver to take you not to Panglao Island but to the Hotel you have chosen near Loboc river. You will save time and money!

Also, you can rent a car for a few days in Panglao Island and drive to Bohol Island. It will be very comfortable – you will always have a car and you can go wherever you want. But notice that near the Loboc River is enough activity around and likely you will not use a car.

The cheapest and one of the most interesting options to get to the Loboc River region is public transport. It comes from the city of Tagbilaran. The price will be really low, and you will feel the life of the locals, riding with local Filipino jeepney.

Hotels in Bohol near Loboc river

Areas near the Loboc River in Bohol don’t have all that many hotels, most of which are very basic wooden or bamboo structures built – and often blended with – the surrounding natural landscape. Here we’d like to share some of them – in our opinion – the best options which we’ve either visited ourselves or received positive feedback on from other travelers.

Where to stay on Bohol island – Nuts Huts

The most popular and well-rated hotel by the Loboc River on Bohol Island is called Nuts Huts. The hotel was built in the wild natural surroundings using environmentally friendly materials. Beautiful sunsets and sunrises and silence which intermingles with the sounds of the jungle are certain to make you feel far away from the fast and stressful pace of modern life. This is an excellent place to feel at one with nature and spend some quality time with yourself.

Where to stay Bohol island - Nuts Huts
Nuts Huts in Bohol

Our advice! When you are going to the Nuts Huts hotel, be aware that the hotel is far from the main road. The road leading from the main road to the hotel is rocky and very bad. Rarely driver does agree to take you by car or even with a tricycle to the hotel. It’s ok – you can go by yourself. Our advice! Leave your suitcases somewhere else. The best thing is to travelling without luggage. Believe me – you won’t drag your suitcases over a bad, rocky road in really hot weather. When you will arrive at the hotel you will be greeted by more than two hundred steps. If you do not like the stairs, we do not recommend this hotel.

Our advice is to bring an extra warmer blanket for a good night’s rest. As the houses are located near the river, between the two mountains, it is a bit cool at night. So an extra blanket will definitely come in handy.

The most beautiful place in Nuts Huts is the cafeteria located under the administration. This is where most hotel guests spend their time. Really delicious for good price breakfast, dinner and snacks are available. The view from the top is very beautiful – mountains, forest, jungle, river.

Nuts Huts is the cafeteria on Bohol island
The most beautiful place in Nuts Huts is the cafeteria

Riverside Native House

This hotel is located on the shores of the Loboc River. The wood and bamboo houses are fairly simple, yet cozy and comfortable. As is often the case with houses of this type, the showers and bathrooms are not very convenient. The hotel has internet, though. Just remember that internet connection in the Philippines won’t always be what you’d expect to have in Europe.

Since the hotel is located near a road, finding transport to take you there shouldn’t be an issue. You might hear the sounds of scooters passing by in the street, though.

The rooms are fairly basic here – a bed, some fans, and a mosquito net. Each room has its own balcony with a hammock which open up on some magnificent views of the garden and river below.

The hotel also has a restaurant which serves really good food.

Where to stay Bohol island - Riverside Native House
Where to stay Bohol island – Riverside Native House

Deluxe Bamboo house by the River

Just like most other hotels near the Loboc River on Bohol Island, Deluxe Bamboo House is built from wood and bamboo and only has such basic amenities as mosquito nets, tables, chairs. The shower and bathroom zone is quite cozy.

Overall, this hotel is an excellent choice for those who’d like to unplug from the fast-paced life and simply enjoy the tranquillity of nature.

Deluxe Bamboo house by the River
Deluxe Bamboo house by the River

Where to stay on Bohol island -Water to Forest Ecolodge

This is a very small hotel built completely from bamboo. Since there are only three houses, make sure to book in advance if you want to stay here.

The hotel was built by a French man and his Filipino wife who are its owners to this day. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy both some European coziness and Filipino charm. It has an internet connection.

Food is made on location and the hosts are great at adjusting to everyone’s taste. You can have some Korean, French, Italian, and Filipino dishes, as well as vegetarian and vegan food.

The place is very cozy and surrounded by nature, yet also located a bit further away from the road, which makes it somewhat more difficult to get to. Try asking around for someone to take you. Not everyone is going to be willing to take you right to the hotel, though, so be prepared to do some walking.

Water to Forest Ecolodge
Water to Forest Ecolodge

Where to stay on Bohol island – Loboc River Resort

This is one of the more high-end places to stay by the Loboc River on Bohol Island.

Large, spacious rooms with comfortable beds, bathrooms, and toilets. Each room has air conditioning, a TV, and an internet connection on the common premises. The rooms also have terraces (balconies) which open upon an extraordinary view of the river below.

Loboc River Resort
Loboc River Resort

The hotel has a pool where you can freshen up while at the same time enjoying beautiful natural panoramas and views of the river and mountains.

People have been giving exceptional feedback on the hotel’s breakfast. In addition, you can also order dinner.

Where to stay Bohol island - Loboc River Resort
Where to stay Bohol island – Loboc River Resort

Where to stay on Bohol island – Fox & The Firefly Cottages

This is a hotel for people who love nature, tidiness, and comfort all wrapped up into one. A bit pricier than most, but certainly worth it.

In terms of style, The Fox & the Firefly Cottages are quite reminiscent of certain hotels on the Island of Bali. So, an excellent choice if you love the island’s vibes. The cottages themselves are built in the style often used in Malaysia (with thatched roofs).

Each suite has a separate balcony with a great view where you can enjoy the surrounding nature and the beautiful sunsets. The rooms have large, comfortable beds with elegant, tidy bedding. The bathroom and shower are both very stylish and located outdoors.

The hotel also offers internet connection, free parking, a variety of tours, flights on an air balloon, and mountain biking expeditions.

The hotel is exceptionally cozy and therefore excellent if you want some comfort during your vacation in nature.

Where to stay on Bohol island - Fox & the Firefly Cottages
Fox & the Firefly Cottages

We hope you found this article interesting and useful for planning your trip to Bohol Island in the Philippines. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below.

Share your travel adventures with us! If you had the pleasure of staying at any of the hotels described in this article, we’d appreciate it if you could provide some additional information in the comments.

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