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Where to stay in Apo island. In this article we would like to share some information about where to stay on the Apo Island and how to book a place for the night. First of all, when researching where to stay on the island – be diligent. The most popular booking websites, such as www.booking.com, www.agoda.com, and www.airbnb.com, are unlikely to list any accommodation options on the island itself. Just make sure to go through everything they do have to offer. Most options will be located on Siquijor, Negros, and other islands closest to Apo.

If you absolutely want to spend the night specifically on Apo, you’ll have to make all the necessary reservations directly with hotel managers or the administrative staff thereof.

Furthermore, don’t forget that Apo is a small island where electric power is available for only two hours per day, which means that local hotels will be fairly basic and offer no showers or flushing toilets. To be more precise, bathrooms and showers will be available, but water – not so much. In order to take a shower you’ll have to use cups and do it manually.

Where to Stay in the Apo Island - electric power is available for only two hours per day
Electric power is available for only two hours per day

Given the small size of the island, all the hotels are located near the sea. For this reason, hotel rooms are often quite humid and may even have a certain unpleasant smell to them, provided you’re sensitive to that kind of thing. With that in mind, we’d recommend you treat them as just a place to spend the night. Another option would be to try and sleep outside in a hammock by the sea. So, without further ado, here are the places we recommend you check out on the Apo Island.

Apo island hotels
Apo island hotels

Apo Island Beach Resort

This is one of the best hotels on the island. The hotel is located in a small, incredibly beautiful bay covered in white sand. The rooms aren’t large, yet cosy and the prices are listed assuming you want a double bed. If you need a place for a third person, you’ll have to pay extra.

Apo Island Beach resort
Apo Island Beach resort

Since there is no electricity here, air conditioning is unavailable. The hotel does have some fans, although they will work only when electric power has been switched on. The Apo Island Beach Resort is located right on the sea shore. Since the wind that comes from the sea brings a bit of much-needed coolness, the houses aren’t too hot or too humid.

Rooms Apo Island Beach resort
Rooms in Apo Island Beach resort
Apartments of Apo Island Beach resort
Apartments of Apo Island Beach resort

There are also many hammocks available that you can use at any time. If sleeping inside ever gets too hot, why not jump into one of those and spend the night on the shore?

Hammocks by the sea on Apo Island, Philippines
Hammocks by the sea

If you want, you can also order breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Trust us, the food is really good.

Link to the hotel on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apoislandbeachresort/
Hotel website: www.apoislandresort.com
If you want to book in advance, you can do so via Facebook, or drop them an e-mail apoislandbeachresort@gmail.com

Mario Scuba Diving and Homestay

The rooms are small, but quite cosy. This is one of the spots where you can find accommodation on Apo at a higher elevation which provides a window onto the excellent local marine landscape.

Where to Stay on the Apo Island - Mario Scuba Diving and Homestay
Mario Scuba Diving and Homestay window view

The owner will offer you either a private double room with a veranda, or a very cheap hostel-type room with a bed and all the necessary amenities (including a mosquito net). For an extra fee you can also be served a traditional Filipino breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Apo Island, Philippines - Mario Homestay
Mario Scuba Diving and Homestay

Even though the houses were built a long time ago, all the rooms have clean bedding. The same owner also offers diving services, which is natural enough considering how well suited the bay is for this activity.

To book accommodation on the Apo Island,

visit http://mariosscubadivinghomestay.com/

or write an e-mail at marspascobello@gmail.com

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