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Traveling to the Philippines

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or how we got here the First Time

Traveling to the Philippines for the first time. The Philippines are comprised of over 7,000 islands and, unlike most other countries in the world, have no land borders with its neighbors. This is a country of friendly people who seem unable to ever stop smiling. Not wealthy, but happy.

Traveling to the Philippines – Our First Introduction to the Philippines

“Just look at how beautiful this is!”, “It was worth flying halfway across the world for this after all!”, “Is this heaven?” – these were the kind of things we couldn’t stop saying to each other upon seeing the white sad, the blue sea, and the palms full of coconuts for the first time. It was genuinely hard to believe that our eyes very not betraying us and that we weren’t, in fact, looking at a postcard somewhere.

As we arrived at the spot where we were supposed to stay for almost three weeks, it was early evening. The sun was already setting and the sky was fairly overcast, yet the air and sea temperature was an unbelievable 25 degrees Centigrade. There was a gently breeze and the sky gradually turned into the red and orange palette of a glorious sunset. Despite being quite exhausted after the long trip, we couldn’t resist jumping right into the sea.

Sunset in the Philippines
Sunset in the Philippines

Charmed by the Philippines

There’s nothing more charming than living right on the coast! Most days, local fishermen and “captains” of small tourist vessels would start gathering well before sunrise that seemed to take place right on the surface of the sea. Come evening, they would leave their boats in the water on the shore, only to find them berthed on the sand in the morning. The next day, the sea would often have retreated by a good 20-30 metres. The “captains” would then wake up and get right on the chore of getting their means of transportation back into the water. We, on the other hand, would be rousted out of bed by the morning yells of the locals and their scavenging efforts in the shallow water. They would look for sea urchins, seaweed, and other things which didn’t always even look edible to me!

Traveling to the Philippines for the first time

With all the hustle and bustle, daily life would start well before sunrise. Although, I have to say, getting up early in the morning here, even during vacation, was not difficult at all – even quite amazing, actually. Crack open a young coconut, sit down on the white coastal sand and enjoy the warmth, the beautiful views, and the incredible taste of coconut water.

Every morning, the sea would leave all kinds of little wonders on the shore that we would happily explore, touch, and be freaked out by with the kids. Starfish – a real beauty that had descended from the sky. Sea urchins – we would alert each other to those so as to avoid hurting our feet. Crabs – up in their shells and merrily scurrying around. Rocks, petrified coral, and shells of different colors and sizes were our greatest treasures every morning.

Low tide in the Philippines
Low tide

Our first contact with this country left us thoroughly charmed and we realized that we wanted to move here permanently.

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