Life in the Philippines – 10 plus one Reason for Choosing this Country

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Life in the Philippines – 10 plus one Reason for Choosing this Country. Living in the Philippines can sound quite exotic or even like a fairytale. Most people are quite surprised by our decision to move here. Upon learning about how we purchased a one-way ticket to the Philippines, the readers of our blog – and even other travelers – often ask “Why the Philippines, rather than some other country?” Here are 10 reasons why we chose to live on Bohol Panglao Island in the Philippines.

1. Life in the Philippines – The Endless Charm of the Asian Continent

Life in the Philippines - The Endless Charm of the Asian Continent
The Endless Charm of the Asian Continent

We would often travel to exotic lands with our entire family and dream about living there not only during vacations but permanently. We always found the Asian culture, its exotic landscape, incredibly sweet fruit, and the positive attitude of the local people to be endlessly charming. Every time we found ourselves in an Asian country, we would feel as if it was a dream – a promise of a different world, a different life.

2. The Philippines are an Excellent Place for Travelling around Asia and Beyond

Given our fondness for Asia – which did not dissipate even as we moved here – we would also like to visit China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. The Philippines are a great base of operations if you want to visit the surrounding countries – while the distances are not great, the ticket prices surely are!

Life in the Philippines - Panglao, Chocolate Hills
Life in the Philippines – Panglao Chocolate Hills

3. Living in the Philippines means Enjoying Summer Year-Round

As soon as we started to travel, we began dreaming of living in a place with no winter. We always felt more invigorated on sunny days, and found no difficulty in rising early to start working or exercising – it seems as though even creative thoughts come with greater frequency when the sky’s not overcast! Only during summer do we feel like at our strongest and most productive.

The Philippines can offer excellent weather year-round. Lots of sun, an endless supply of sunny days, and the sea always by your side – what more could you want!

4. Inexhaustible Travel Options

The Philippines are comprised of over seven thousand uniquely beautiful islands with exceptional people and natural environments. If you were to visit one island per day, that would take you an entire lifetime.

5. Beautiful Flora and Unique Fauna

In the Philippines, we all become photographers. The sea is so azure, the sky so blue, the palms so green, and the sand so white that pictures taken by travelers look like postcards. Each island has its own exceptional beauty that charms and enchants. Here you may also meet certain animals that only live in the Philippines.

6. Extremely Friendly People

Life in the Philippines is simple. Filipinos are among the friendliest people in the world. They are warm, down to earth, kind, and always ready to help, advise, and accompany you to wherever you need to go. Anyone who has traveled around the Philippines can attest to that being the truth.

7. Easy to get around Speaking only English

Filipinos speak a number of different local languages, which is why English has become one of the official languages of the country. All documents and signs here are in English. In schools, children are taught most subjects in English. This makes it very easy for travelers and locals to communicate.

8. No as many Tourists as in Many other Countries, such as Thailand

Compared to other similar countries, the Philippines doesn’t get all that many tourists, meaning that it’s still possible to find plenty of tranquil locations that haven’t yet been affected by human civilization.

9. Local People Unaffected by Tourism

At least for now, the local culture remains largely intact despite tourism. This means that Filipinos don’t treat tourists as ATMs and don’t try to swindle them out of their money at every turn. To be fair, foreigners do often get slightly higher prices at the market, yet the difference is usually no more than a few dozen euro cents.

Life in the Philippines
Life in the Philippines

10. Life in the Philippines like a Little America

The Philippines are a unique Asian country both in terms of its culture and religion. At times it feels more like America (or Europe, depending on who you ask) than Asia. Since the Philippines have been colonized by the United States for 50 years, many cultural and educational elements here remain distinctly American. On the other hand, the country was also a Spanish colony for as many as 300 years, meaning there’s plenty of European heritage as well as, e.g., religion.

11. Great Place for Investment

Since the flows of tourism to the Philippines have been increasing year after year, the country is an excellent choice for investment into tourism-related areas, such as hotel and tourist services.

Life in the Philippines - Panglao Bamboo Oasis resort
Panglao Bamboo Oasis resort

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