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About Us, or why are the Tickets One-Way?

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A family travel blog OneWayTicket story. What were the reasons behind starting our family’s travel blog One Way Ticket? As we made our plans to move to the Philippines, whenever we told anyone that our tickets are one-way only, or simply that we didn’t know when we were coming back, the following question would always arise: “How do people make such decisions?”

One of the key reasons for us was the desire to break away from the pace of modern live. At the time we lived in Vilnius – the capital of Lithuania. Our children were going to different schools located on the opposite sides of the city. We had two family businesses which means that we were both working two jobs. In addition, we would sometimes be employed elsewhere, working on some project.

Each time we came back from our holiday trips we tried to commit to a slower, calmer way of life that’s conducive to clearer thinking and more time for ourselves and our family. However, several weeks later, the pace of life in Vilnius would always drag us back to the familiar, where your plans and desires simply do not matter. We would often console ourselves that all of our friends and acquaintances live the same way, meaning that our family is no exception.

Life changes

And yet, deep down in our hearts, we knew that we simply didn’t want to live like that anymore. We would often think about moving to a village, yet living there during the winter did not appeal to us at all. For this reason, we started looking at different places around the world where the weather is always warm.

We were always fond of warmth, because we felt that rising early in the morning, being in a good mood, and getting a lot of work done is much easier when you can always see the sun outside the window. And even if it’s not out, at least you don’t have to dress in layers just to stay warm. The live option of wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts or a light summer dress every day certainly makes for a lighter mood.

Our family is a bit different than others, as we tend to “stand out from the crowd”, so to speak. At least that’s what we’ve been hearing from those around us. We like to set less-than-common goals and strive towards achieving them. Our friends often commend us on our bravery, yet for us those are just goals to make life more interesting.

Moving into Asia

Travel blog about travelling and live in the Philippines
Our live in the Philippines

Back in November 2017 we managed to fit our lives into three suitcases and took off for Panglao, Bohol in the Philippines. There were five of us – Aistė, Rytis, Smiltė, Vakaris, and our loyal, chocolate-coloured lab named Manchester. Stepping out of your comfort zone, with no idea of what to expect next, is quite the memorable moment in anyone’s life.

In December 2018, together with a friend from back home in Lithuania, we opened the doors of the newly-built Bamboo Oasis Panglao Hotel to the first guests. This is where we now live ourselves, accommodating those travelling around Asia and savouring each new acquaintance.

We know that the Philippines is just one of many stops we’ll make during our lives. We keep on travelling to this day, filling out the list of places we’d like to visit, and dream of spending time in many other locations around the world. Rest assured, we’ll buy plenty more one-way tickets in the future! So this is the story of how the One Way Ticket blog got started.

A Family Travel Blog

The blog is intended to help us share our experiences with living in the Philippines, tell you about the beautiful places we’ve discovered, provide some guidance on how to plan your trips, serve as a source of inspiration for travelling more, and perhaps even realize our dream of living in a place that’s always warm!

We’d also like to inspire people to take their lives into their own hands, rather than waiting for the elusive ideal moment. Don’t be afraid to dream, set goals, and strive to achieve them. We’d like to encourage our readers to be bold and decisive. This is YOUR LIFE after all, and it can only be what YOU MAKE IT!

A Family Travel Blog
This is our life and we create it ourselves as we wish

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With love,

Aistė, Rytis, Smiltė, and Vakaris