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Clothes for traveling – how to feel comfortable and warm

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Clothes for traveling. What to wear for traveling in hot countries? What to wear for hiking? How to dress yourself and children, that you do not get cold while traveling and do not overheat indoors? How to dress to feel comfortable on the go? What clothes to wear that you don’t get overload travel backpacks or luggage?

Winter clothing for traveling

When children were born in the family, we began to wonder about how to prepare the little ones for traveling and keep them cold and comfortable. How to dress them and yourself on trips to avoid overheating indoors and do not freeze outdoors? overheating and colds are the best conditions to get sick. Who wants to get sick during the holidays?

The most important is the base layer. Our recommendation to choose merino wool base layers for traveling in cold and even in hot countries.

Merino wool clothing is extremely thin and light – it is very important for traveling. You will feel thin, comfortable, soft, warm and most importantly merino wool clothes, will not take up much space in travel backpacks or luggage.

Merino wool shirt or golf plus windproof jacket on top – everything you need for travel at any time of the year.

Merino wool thermal clothes for travel

Merino wool clothing does not itch the skin. It is gentle and comfortable to wear. Merino wool base layer clothes have a unique ability to absorb and evaporate moisture or sweat. It is very important for traveling with the family, as there is a variety of weather on long-distance trips.

Like I mentioned, merino wool clothing maintains optimum body temperature, keeps warm in the cold, helps you stay dry and cool in warm. Regarding these unique merino wool features, merino wool clothing is the best clothes for travel.

In addition to all of the features I mentioned above, it should be noted that merino wool clothes are very thin, lightweight and take up little space in luggage or backpacks.

Clothes for traveling - merino wool clothes
Merino wool thermal clothes for travel

The best Clothes for traveling

We take merino wool thermal clothing for all trips. Even to the warm countries. You may ask “why do you need woolen clothes in the hot counties?” Our answer is “do not get cold in Europe during winter time when we are starting our journey from Lithuania and do not get cold when we are coming back from a trip.

Also, we can tell you from our experience that there are cool places in the warm counties. Mostly climbing into the mountains, the air cools down. At this moment thin, natural, warm and pleasant merino wool clothes are very helpful. Also, woolen clothing will be needed indoors were the conditioners are running. You will not believe how much locals love to freeze their conditioner!

Our recommendation to choose GREEN ROSE merino wool clothing for the whole family. Travel by bus or car or plane. The merino wool clothes of this company are very pleasant, gentle, comfortable, natural and suitable not only for everyday wear but also for travel. Placing a merino wool golf into the backpack doesn’t take up much space, but the benefits can be huge.

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