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10 reasons why you should visit Philippines

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Visit Philippines. If you feel drawn by Asia and enjoy exotic locations, white sandy beaches, and natural environments unlike any you could find in Europe – a trip to the Philippines is a must! Regardless of your age, getting to experience this slice of heaven is never too late.

At the time when our family was still thinking about where to settled down in Asia for a longer period of time, we were mostly bouncing between Thailand and Bali, yet eventually we chose the Philippines. This is a wonderful country that welcomes its every guest, including foreigners who decide to move here. After your first visit, we’re positive you’ll want to return again and again.

Here are 10 reasons for why you absolutely must visit Philippines!

Visit Philippines. Reason No. 1 – Filipinos are among the Friendliest and Warmest People in the World

Even our well-traveled family was surprised to see just how friendly Filipinos really are – exceptionally kind, helpful, sociable, and respectful. They always seem to be in good spirits, smile a lot, and like to sing and dance. Striking up conversations and making friends with Filipinos is really easy.

They are always ready to communicate and offer you some help. During our visit, the locals would constantly initiate conversations and ask us where we are from, where do we live, and what are our names. Filipinos are often more than happy to help out a foreigner. The would call us SIR or MA’AM which we found extremely charming.

In the Philippines, the locals enjoy singing not only in karaokes which take place in the evening, but even in daytime, regardless of place – in shops, on the street, in cafés, workplaces, and even in school (much of which is actually done by the teachers themselves). Filipinos need no special occasion to enjoy the pleasures of singing! It would probably be quite difficult to find a local who doesn’t sing.

In the Philippines we never felt like wallets on legs. Even in the most basic of situations where, after accepting someone’s offer for help, you expect to be asked for something in return, people just smile and wave goodbye. One day we wanted to park our car, but couldn’t find a vacant spot. Upon noticing our struggle, a local Filipino ran over and offered a free corner in his own backyard. Then he simply reminded us that “safety comes first”, smiled, and walked away.

Even people selling things on the side of the road, at markets, and on beaches are never intrusive. They make their pitch once and then stay out of your hair.

Reason No. 2 – Excellent Beaches, Islands and Nature

Beaches in the Philippines
Visit Philippines – white sand Beaches

The Philippines are comprised of over 7,000 islands and even though each of them is different in its own unique way, what they all have in common are the amazing white sandy beaches. One of the greatest beaches in the whole country is located in Boracay. This beach often makes the list of the best beaches in the entire world.

The sea in the Philippines is quite shallow. The shores aren’t deep at all, making them safe for children. You can walk a fairly great distance before the water begins to slowly get deeper. There may be some variation depending on the island, yet most of them do have rather shallow shorelines. The water is warm, clean, and crystal-clear.

Visit Philippines Reason No. 3 – The Best Sunrises and Sunsets

Visit Philippines - amazing sunsets and sunrises
Most amazing sunsets and sunrises

We always loved sunrises and sunsets. They may look all the same at first sight, but have your really seen two that were actually alike? All of them are different, unique, and characterised by distinct colours and shades. Sunsets and sunrises in the Philippines are completely different from anywhere else in the world. Many people like to compare them to their counterparts depicted in the Lion King.

The Philippines are also excellent for photographers who can have a real field day here snapping breathtaking pictures of the local skyline, natural wonders, and the magnificent sea. It doesn’t quite matter whether you’re an amateur or otherwise – returning home from the Philippines with amazing pictures is a guarantee!

Reason No. 4 – Flora and Fauna

Visit Philippines - nature
Nature in the Philippines

The Philippines boast an impressive variety of birds, plants, animals, and sea creatures. Each island is home to different, unique animals which live there and only there. For instance, the Bohol Island is home to the smallest primate species, called Tarsier.

The Philippines have more than 600 species of bird, more than 300 species of reptiles and amphibians, and roughly 400 species of coral. Here you can meet both giant whale sharks and the smallest species of fish in the world (Pandaca pygmea). Every morning in the Philippines you’ll hear beautiful, unfamiliar birdsong, while rowdy geckos will keep reminding you of where you are all day long.

Colourful and splendid underwater world. Here you can go diving together with not only colourful fish, but also with turtles and sharks. There are many different types of diving available in the Philippines, including snorkeling, deep diving with equipment, and free diving. The country is perfectly suited for all of the above, and you should have no trouble finding diving centres to suit your needs.

The coconut trees and rice terraces here are beyond impressive and hard to look away from, as it seems as though they have been painted right onto the distant horizon. Take a scooter down local village roads and enjoy the magnificent, ever-changing panoramas, while invigorating breeze gently caresses your hair.

Reason No. 5 – Exotic Fruit

If you love food and enjoy tasting differently shaped fruit, each with its own unique taste – the Philippines can provide you with that, and then some.

The Philippines have more coconuts than Lithuania has apples! In Lithuania, apples can be harvested only once a year, while coconuts and most fruit are available year-round. Here you can buy them freshly picked, sweet, and amazingly tasty. A true feast for you taste receptors!

Young coconut water, several types of the tastiest bananas in the world, and the sweetest mangoes – and all of this barely scratches the surface of all the fruits we have been eating here every day, and can’t have enough of.

Also worthy of mention would be mangosteen fruit, durians, lychees, jackfruit, avocados, different types of melon, and lots of others which we haven’t even discovered yet. All of the fruits here taste absolutely amazing – we recommend you try as many of them as possible, including the love-it-or-hate-it durians.

Reason No. 6 – Exceptional Climate and Weather

Climate in the Philippines
Climate in the Philippines

The average annual temperature here is roughly 26 degrees Centigrade. Even at night it rarely gets colder than 23 degrees.

The Philippines have two seasons – the rainy season and the dry season. But don’t fear coming here even if it’s currently the former, as it rarely rains several days in a row. After a bit of heavy rain, the sky usually clears up and you can keep enjoying the sun again. And even if there’s a cloud or two that keep hanging around, warm weather is still guaranteed. Just remember that you can easily get sunburned even in the shade or on overcast days.

The Philippines are not a place where you should ever be bothered by rain. Getting soaking wet, or even swimming out in the sea, when it rains is its own pleasure. And once the sun is out again, you’ll dry up in no time anyway.

Reason No. 7 – Massages

Massages in Asia
Massages in the Philippines

Travel to the Philippines and give your body a much needed break! If you like massages, you can enjoy them here every single day. First of all, the prices are very reasonable – just 7-8 euros a pop. And second, the quality of massage in the Philippines is every bit as high as in the premium massage parlours you can find in Lithuania. The premises may be a little basic, but they’re always clean and cosy, and, rest assured, the hands that will handle your body are always excellent.

Reason No. 8 – English

English is one of the official languages of the Philippines, spoken by nearly all of its residents. Despite varying degrees of accent, very few people here are incapable of understanding or speaking English. Even most official documents are drawn up in this language.

In all schools (both private and public) around 80 per cent of subjects are taught in the English language. This means that children start to speak the language from an early age which makes it easy for them to communicate with most all tourists.

When asked about why he chose the Philippines as his home, a long-term resident from the United States claimed that one of the reasons was the English language: “Everyone here speaks English, which is great for Americans such as myself who don’t really speak any other languages”.

Reason No. 9 – Low Cost of Living

The Philippines are one of the countries where the cost of living is quite low. The lion’s share of you travel budget will probably be used for buying plane tickets. Dependent on your needs, everything else here should feel significantly less expensive than in most other holiday destinations.

Reason No. 10 – Times Slows down while in the Philippines

Time in the Philippines
Times Slows down while in the Philippines

Remarkable as it may sound, time passes slower while you’re in the Philippines. Since everyone around seems to be in no rush, one starts to live at the rhythm of the summer, and moments when you experience the regular passage of time again begin to seem kind of odd. This is something we’ve never felt before in Lithuania.

The Philippines are a large place with lots of variety – every island is beautiful and interesting in its own right. As we’ve mentioned before, we are determined to stay in the Philippines until we manage to visit most of its islands. As for those who come here for holidays and fall in love, chances are they will want to come back again and again – seeing all of the 7,000+ islands is quite the objective! 😉

So, are you convinced that the Philippines should be your next travel destination yet? Visit Philippines now! 😉

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